School uniform should be abolished essay

This leads to mugging and then bullying. Instead of competing over who is wearing what, there is more focus on the daily school work. The gap between the rich and the poor widens as rich students will definetely put on their branded clothes to show off their wealth while the students from average-income households might feel inferior as they could not get a chance to experience the luxury.

However purchasing school uniform costs a lot because of most parents have to buy sportswear, summer uniform and winter uniform for their children. Furthermore, uniform is a massive distraction for the teachers. Does this not mean that teachers should also have a set uniform especially as they are supposed to set an example for the students?

Should School Uniform Be Abolished? Essay Sample

But however this brings along some harmful effects to their peers around them. This causes more pressure on already poor families also parents would feel under pressure to get their children the clothes they want as the children would probably want expensive designer labels.

And if they get teased about their uniform, it is a perfect opprotunity for the parent to teach the child about diversity.

School Uniform Should Not Be Abolished

However I do feel that some form of choice should be made to school uniform so that the student gets to express their personalities and individuality but still look smart, relaxed and ready to learn.

Research had showed that the wearing of school uniform by students can deter them for committing crimes. Whilst school uniforms allow students to be indentified more easily if they were to become lost during a school trip or be involved in a crime, uniform also stops you from feeling comfortable and relaxed whilst at school; relaxation cosiness is crucial at school as it secures a sense of warmth and helps the students to feel calm and settled to ensure concentration is with the work and not feeling uncomfortable.

Adding on, uniforms are needed to maintain discipline in schools. With their school logo on it. In answer to what you said about citing my sources; where are yours?

Clearly this is a strong reason to abolish school uniform, similarly if you were to abolish school uniform it could make students feel out of place as they could be judged for what they wear.

Now days, this dress code has evolved to a more complicated form, and varies in different countries, states and schools, some countries have different uniforms to suit their four seasons, other times it is used to show that a student is a member of a board or society. Uniforms give students a level playing field which reduces peer pressure and bullying.

These people do not really matter of status symbols because they are forced to spend their money wisely in order to live! School uniforms give a sense of a unity among educational institutions because it gives a sense of spirit throughout the school community.

Teachers are always telling us to stand out from the crowd and be confident. School uniforms are not for fashion, but to represent a standardized education system, school and students of those schools.

Teachers should teach children about individuality and should encourage children to learn about the different nationalities and individual identities because not enough of this is done, therefore they are scared to express themselves and have little imagination. Their color combinations become topics of discussion among students that they lose concentration over their studies.

School Uniform Should Not Be Abolished

In some schools uniform has already been abolished whilst in others it still remains compulsory such as a secondary school in Totnes in Devon. Students wear these uniforms as a symbol of respect for their school and take pride of studying in that particular school.

Should School Uniform Be Abolished? Essay Sample

They enhance the learning environment for students by preventing students from wearing clothing which are inappropriate which would possibly distract students from lessons taught at school. Although non school uniform and school uniform cost alot I suppose by having a uniform that has to be worn five days a week it is worth the money that is spent on it compare to having home clothes that are probably worn several times before deciding that it is out of fashion or old.

School uniforms have been a staple of many school communities across the world since the mid to late 's. That is the reason why I disagree that school uniform should be abolished.

Reasons are that school uniforms give a sense of belonging to us, maintain equality among students, help students to focus on study and help them to prepare for working in the future. Therefore the wearing of school uniform should maintain as it encourages students to behave properly even outside of school premises.

And wearing of school uniform can prevent them to do so as students tend to be afraid to commit crime in their school uniforms as they scared to be recognized and punished by their school hence making them think twice before doing. In school, there is no great danger connected to what you are wearing.

Never the less uniform brings children discipline and order. There is also a lot in the news at the moment calling for stereotypes and prejudices to be torn down. People would also work better in their own clothes in school. Uniforms are social and economic equalizers, which reduce opportunities for children to criticize others on dress and appearance.

If you were to abolish school uniform, children would feel pressurised to look good, they would find it difficult to put clothes together and would be scared of being judged or bullied.School uniforms should be banned.

“Almost 20% of public schools in America now require students to wear uniforms to school.” (Rauscher) Most schools don’t require students to wear uniform.

I oppose the motion that ‘School Uniform Should Be Abolished’. Students are in schools for educational purposes and not to show off their outfits. May 17,  · SCHOOL UNIFORMS SHOULD NOT BE ABOLISHED Schools around the world would not be the same should the rules change.

The gap between the rich and the poor widens as rich students will definetely put on their branded clothes to show off their wealth while the students from average-income households might feel inferior as. School uniform should be abolished.

If this was so why would 59% of people on this very website feel that school uniforms should be abolished? That`s why i think school uniform shouldn`t be abolished.

Should School Uniforms Be Abolished?

I even wrote the best essay connected with this topic. Report this Comment. School Uniforms Should be Mandatory “Mom, I have nothing to wear to school,” says the student getting ready for school. We have all been in the situation where we just do not.

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School uniform should be abolished essay
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