Causes of air polution

The number of cars on our roads are overwhelming and increasing, with an estimated number of more than half a billion cars on the road. This will go a long way to curb air pollution. Pollution is now a common place term, that our ears are attuned to.

We hear about the various forms of pollution and read about it through the mass media. Waste used to create landfills generate methane, that is harmful in several ways.

Water and Air Pollution

Do not throw away items that are of no use to you. Cars and heavy-duty trucks, trains, shipping vessels and airplanes all burn lots of fossil fuels to work.

Heavy duty trucks, shipping vessels, trains, and airplanes also combust lots of fossil fuels to function. Understand the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: The causes of such pollution, therefore, are many and highly varied. Do not throw away items that are of no use to you.

Natural sources of pollution include dust carried by the wind from locations with very little or no green cover, gases released from the body processes of living beings Carbon dioxide from humans during respiration, Methane from cattle during digestion, Oxygen from plants during Photosynthesis.

What is Air Pollution?

Use of insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural activities has grown quite a lot. Clean energy technologies like solarwind and geothermal are on high these days.

The burning of petroleum products is a very common cause of pollution, especially in metropolitan areas. As ozone layer will go thin, it will emit harmful rays back on earth and can cause skin and eye related problems. Air pollution is one such form that refers to the contamination of the air, irrespective of indoors or outside.

It occurs when any harmful gases, dust, smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it difficult for plants, animals and humans to survive as the air becomes dirty. In some regions, waste is incinerated instead of being land-filled or recycled and as such, it substantially contributes to air pollution.

Combustion From Fossil Fuels In the modern world, fossil fuel combustion is the biggest contributor to air pollution. Respiratory and heart problems: In the developing world [according to UNESCO] as much as 70 percent of industrial waste is just dumped untreated into the rivers and lakes.

If you and your colleagues come from the same locality and have same timings you can explore this option to save energy and money.Climate Air Pollution Smog hanging over cities is the most familiar and obvious form of air pollution. But there are different kinds of pollution—some visible, some invisible—that contribute to global warming.

Some of the major causes of air pollution include burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activities, exhaust from industries, vehicle fumes, mining operations and indoor pollutants.

Air pollution has a negative impact on the environment and life in general. Whereas some causes of pollution are entirely natural – being the result of sudden changes in temperature, seasonal changes, or regular cycles – others are the result of human impact (i.e.

Causes of Air pollution. 1. Burning of Fossil Fuels: Sulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles is one the major cause of air pollution. Pollution emitting from vehicles including trucks, jeeps, cars, trains, airplanes cause immense amount of pollution.

Nov 06,  · Watch video · Today, the leading cause of air pollution in the U.S. is motor vehicles, which were first mass-produced in the U.S. by Henry Ford in the early 20th century.

Auto emissions also increase the amount. What Causes Air Pollution?

Various Causes of Air Pollution

“Most air pollution comes from energy use and production,” says John Walke, director of the Clean Air Project, part of the Climate and Clean Air program at NRDC.

Causes of air polution
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